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Selenium Configuration
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Selenium Configuration

This article contains general hints and tips on configuring Selenium and the various browser it supports.

The official Selenium website is at

Supported Axe Releases

Note that these are the official and tested integrations. Axe can be configured to work with any release of Selenium.

Axe Version Selenium Version
3.5.2 2.35
4.0.0 2.37
4.0.1 2.39
4.1.0 2.44
4.2.0 2.47
4.2.1 2.47
4.2.2 2.52
4.3.0 2.53
4.4.0 3.4


Firefox (GeckoDriver)

Before using Firefox with Geckodriver the Selenium folder containing the Geckodriver must be put into the PATH environment variable.

Internet Explorer

IE 11

For best results testing Selenium with IE 11 we recommend the following settings:

  • Enable Protected Mode for all Security zones
  • Ensure that Enhanced Protected Mode in Advanced Settings of Off (which is the IE default)

We have found that the Selenium support for IE11 has not been as reliable as for IE9 and IE10. Results may vary depending on the specific details of your test environment. See this Stackoverflow question for more background on some of the known issues with Selenium and IE.