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Last modified on 12/16/2013 6:10 AM by User.


Selenium Multi Browser Support in Axe 3.x

This article covers support for Axe, Selenium Webdriver and multiple browsers i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. This information is for Axe 3.x releases only.
The current Axe release ships out of the box with support for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. 
Selenium Webdriver works by initiating a “Driver” to drive the Browser window. Firefox driver is included in the SeleniumServer.jar file which is a key component of Selenium.
Selenium Webdriver also supports Internet Explorer which is via the IE driver which can be downloaded at:
The IE Driver must be put into the same file structure as outlined in the Selenium CTP guide in the Axe Product. The Internet Explorer driver requires specific configuration which can be found in the online IE Driver support from the Selenium Project.
Google Chrome can be tested by using the Chromedriver which can be downloaded from the Chromedriver project website at:
N.B: A list of the Webdriver supported browsers can be found at: