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QTP Multiple Browser Support
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QTP Multiple Browser Support

This article covers support for Axe, QTP and multiple browsers i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome

The current Axe release ships out of the box with support for Internet Explorer and Firefox


QTP Pre-requisites

QTP 11 must be installed with all the relevant patches, depending on the choice of browser(s) required. The current Odin reference environment consists of:

Windows 7 32-bit, IE9, Firefox 15, Chrome 19


QTP 11.0

QTP_00709 - core patches
QTPWEB_00078 - IE9 support
QTPWEB_00090 - Firefox 4-8 (TBC if needed as a pre-req for Firefox 15)
QTPWEB_00102 - Chrome 19 support
QTPWEB_00112 - Firefox 15 support

Chrome Support

Support for Chrome is provided as an overaly for Axe 3.4. This can be downloaded from

The zip file contains the following files:

AxeMain.vbs - updated basestate functions for Chrome

OdinPortalQTP.* - three new QTP object maps for the OdinPortal sample, made generic for Chrome

QTP_Chrome.RunConfig.xml - sample Axe Run Configuration file to run the OdinPortal sample tests with QTP and Chrome



Odin have identified two differences in QTP behavior when using Chrome:

  1. The Browser object does not support the name property
  2. Get operations on empty edit fields return null instead of an empty string. This will cause validation failures in the OdinPortal sample tests OPLI020 and OPRG010