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Upgrading Axe
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Upgrading Axe

This article covers the instructions for Upgrading Axe on a machine which requires a different version of Axe.
When it is time to upgrade your Axe product there are a few key bits of housekeeping that will have to be tended to before installing the intended version of the product.
1. The current version of Axe on the Machine is required to be de-installed; this is to eliminate any issues with the new installation of Axe being corrupted by remnant files from an older version.
2. Any customised files (Such as AxeConfig.xml) in the Axe System structure will need to be backed up in a different location to the Axe Directory as the Axe Directory will be overwritten.
3. Any Axe Dependencies such as the Excel Addin will be required to be removed from the Machine before an Axe install can take place.
4. It is best practice to also de-install other Axe utilities such as the Axe Licence Manager as the version being installed may differ from the currently installed Axe Licence Manager.
NB: Any user projects should not be removed with the de-installation process, unless the Project Directory is the same as the Axe Directory which is not recommended by Odin.

The following steps are the suggested steps for an upgrade of Axe.

1. De-Install any pre-existing versions  of Axe from your machine
2. Download the Version of Axe which you require from the Odin Support website using your unique username and password, the most recent version of Axe is located on the left hand side of the screen.
3. Unzip the Axe Zip folder
4. Run the Installation as an Administrator
5. Run Axe and Check your version of Axe is licenced
NB: A reboot of your machine may be required for the Licence to be picked up by the licence mechanism on your machine.