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Common UFT/QTP VBS Errors
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Last modified on 11/19/2015 11:57 AM by User.


Common UFT/QTP VBS Errors

Due to the nature of the Integration with UFT/QTP there can be errors that occur when using UFT/QTP.

Axe can use either the UFT/QTP API to run tests without opening UFT/QTP or it can run UFT/QTP in visible mode to run tests, this article focuses on the UFT/QTP API side of the execution.

UFT/QTP uses the Windows Script Host to run the VBScript tests which sometimes can come into difficulty if there is an issue with the UFT/QTP installation or there is no licence available to the API.

To check this behaviour is working properly the following can be added to a VBS file to check the functionality of the UFT/QTP API, please note this is separate from Axe and it is running under the Windows Script Host:

set qtp = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application")
 MsgBox "QTP Object Created"
 MsgBox "QTP Launched"
 qtp.Visible = visible
 MsgBox "QTP Quit"

This script will open up QTP/UFT and check that the API is running and that QTP/UFT can be accessed. Please note that UFT uses the same script as QTP for this as of Version 12.02 and lower.

Another common issue is the changing of Default program for a VBS file, this can be easily changed without notice when checking VBS files in Notepad or similar and will cause a test execution to open up Notepad documents or similar. This can simply be changed by Right Clicking on a VBS file> Open With > Choose Default Program> Select Windows Script Host.