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Licensing»Axe Licence Troubleshooting
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Axe Licence Troubleshooting

After an Axe License has been applied to a machine the license may appear unavailable to users who have previously used a Network license seat on the same machine, this article has a few steps in which this can be fixed.

Issue 1 : A local license has been installed on a machine which has previously used a network license.

Solution 1:  A network license takes precedent over a Local license on a node, Axe stores an environment variable called AXELMHOST which points the Sentinel HASP License software to the location of a license on a network, this Environment Variable must be removed from the machine with the Local License for the Local license to appear on the machine.

This can be removed by either going into Control Panel>System>Environment Variables. Remove the AXELMHOST variable or in the Axe Licence Manager on the local machine the following steps can be taken:  I want to connect to a license server on my network> Next> Remove the value> Next. The license should appear in the License manager screen.

Issue 2: The license server has changed and after changing the Value for the Server in the Axe License Manager an error of "Axe is not Licensed" appears.

Solution 2:  Sometimes the AXELMHOST variable can be saved as either a Local or System Environment variable, if the previous value is still present it will need to be removed to create a new variable, this can be done by: Control Panel>System>Environment Variables. Remove the AXELMHOST variable.