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Licensing»Licensing - Error Messages
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Licensing - Error Messages

There are two main categories of error that can arise with licensing; Validation and Activation.


Most validation failures are due to the absence of a valid license, either locally or connected to a remote network license server. Occasionally errors may occur despite the availability of a valid license. This is rare and often associated with re-installation of Axe and a reboot is normally sufficient to rectify the problem.

No valid license could be found

The machine does not have access to a valid Axe license, or the license has expired. You will need to activate a Local license or connect to a remote license server.

No license runtime installed or running

The Sentinel HASP licensing service is not running. This can be confirmed by checking the status of the Sentinel Local License Manager service in Windows Services. To rectify, either restart the service or reboot.

License runtime library is missing

Your Axe installation is missing an essential file. Either re-install the Axe software or contact Odin Support for advice.

License validation failed. HASP Error 5: Access Denied

This can be occasionally caused after upgrading Axe to a new version on a machine that is already hosting a valid license. A reboot should be sufficient to rectify the problem.