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Licensing»Axe License Types
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Axe License Types

For the Axe platform there are three distinct license types which are:
Evaluation License
Local License
Network License
When the Axe Platform is downloaded to a computer a 30 day evaluation license is applied to the node as a node locked license. This license cannot be transferred to any machine other than the machine in which the license is locked to. An evaluation copy of any version from Axe 3.1 can only be installed once to a node. When the 30 day evaluation finishes, if you wish to continue using the Axe product will need to purchase a license from Odin.
A local Axe license is much like an Evaluation license in that the license is locked to a specific node. The license is tied to a License key which is produced by Odin and when activated is locked to a node. If the node is not connected to the internet for activation then a process will be required to be undertaken which involves a transfer of files which can be accessed in the topic “C2V/V2C transfers” which is usually done via Odin Support.
A Network License or sometimes commonly referred to in the industry as a floating license, is a type of license which is used in organisations where there are multiple testers who may not require to use Axe at a time. All the licenses are stored on a central server and licenses are used up per seat. For example a 5 user network license would allow 5 different users to be able to use Axe at the same time but a 6th user would not be able to use the licenses on the server due to all 5 licenses being concurrently accessed.
A Network License is installed on a License server via the same mechanism as a Local License but the License is located on the designated License Server.

Common Issues with Licenses

By default when a License is sent to a Customer a License Key is produced and sent to the customer, the activation of an Axe license key requires internet access and in some situations this may not be desirable or certain settings on the internal network may restrict the access to the Odin license server. This issue can be overcome by what is called a Client to Vendor exchange which is covered in the Axe Licensing Guide under C2V Exchange.