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Past Release Notes»Axe 4.1.0 Release Notes
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Last modified on 7/9/2015 12:41 PM by User.

Axe 4.1.0 Release Notes


Axe 4.1.0 was released on 05-Mar-2015 (v4.1.0.111)


This wiki page compliments the Release Notes (ReadMe.rtf) provided with the Axe 4.1 product release. It's primary purpose is to provide the latest information on the product and details of any issues that have been identified post-release.

Axe 4.1 Overview

Axe 4.1 ushers in new integrations into the Axe Automation Platform to support Cross Platform Web App testing, Mobile Device App testing and support for working with Cloud based on-demand environment provider Saucelabs.
Axe 4.1 empowers the user with a true Enterprise Automation Solution for the modern application landscape. Covering Desktop, Web, Mobile, ERP and SOA.

Selenium WebDriver's functionality has been enhanced to include Appium meaning that Axe truly provides a 'one-stop shop' for web application and mobile testing.

To get the best out of Axe 4.1 we recommend working with the Excel XLSX file format in preference to the XML 2003 format. A project converter utility is provided with Axe to assist with migration.


In addition to the CHM and PDF manuals that are installed with Axe, the very latest version of the Axe Help is online on the Odin website.


See Selenium Configuration for information on the latest Selenium and browser support, especially IE11.

Known Limitations