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Using Insight Objects with Axe…
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Last modified on 10/27/2014 4:57 PM by User.


Using Insight Objects with Axe 3.x and 4.x Projects


Insight Objects are a recent addition to the UFT functionality, allowing unsupported object classes to be interacted with in a fashion using mouse movements. These are stored in a slightly different way in the QTP object repository and therefore are not supported out of the box for current Axe versions. They can be used with Axe as outlined in this document.

Mapping Insight Objects

Add Insight Objects in the normal manner in UFT:

For Axe to display objects in the Object Browser and to use them in generated UFT scripts an entry is required for each Insight Object in an Axe format object map as follows:

Action Map Entry

The Class “InsightObject” needs to then have a corresponding Action Map entry e.g. for “Set”:


This combination will allow an Axe project to utilise the Insight Object features of UFT.