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Available Help included with Axe

This knowledge article is based upon what help is immediately available to the customer with access to the Axe Platform from Odin Technology.

The Axe Platform is provided with documentation that can be accessed via the UI, Start Menu and individual files in the Docs folder of the Axe installation directory.
The following help documents are available within the Axe Product in both .CHM formats and .PDF formats:
  • Axe User Guide
  • Axe Licencing Guide
  • HP Integration Guide
  • Microsoft Integration Guide 
  • IBM Integration Guide
  • Micro Focus Integration Guide (Axe 3.5 and earlier)
  • Oracle Integration Guide
  • SAP Integration Guide
  • Selenium Integration Guide
  • WatiN Integration Guide
  • White Integration Guide
  • Axe Readme File
The following help documents are provided in the Axe product as .PDF format files in Axe 3.5 and earlier.
  • Axe Java Runtime CTP Guide
  • Axe SAPGUI CTP Guide
  • Selenium CTP Guide
Online Documentation:
There is also an Axe discussion forum where help and discussion of the Axe Platform can be sought from both Axe users and Odin Support which are located at:
There is also the ability to contact Odin Support directly if your query requires attention from Odin Support at: